May 2016 - ICE Blog


The Impact of Call Monitoring and Score Cards in the Call Center

by Jim Iyoob | published on 05-25-2016

Any opportunity to improve call center operations is worth taking. Call monitoring and scorecards top the list. Call monitoring is a feature that allows you to listen in to a live call and track what matters most to the call center. The scorecard is a call scoring evaluation form that keeps track of agent’s performance. […]

Why Companies Still Need Chat?

by Jim Iyoob | published on 05-24-2016

If you know me, I consider myself a nice person. However when I receive terrible service, I try not to complain. I don’t kick and scream, I try to not call the company and complain, I do not try and make a scene. I’m one of those “nice” clients we hear so much about. All […]

What Features Should You Expect with Enterprise Live Chat Software

by Jim Iyoob | published on 05-06-2016

In general, certain universal features should be included in all live chat software. This typically includes things like access to unlimited accounts, certain workflow enhancements, increased security features, live chat support from the provider, etc. However, users should also consider other enhancements that can greatly improve their experience. This often entails enhancements geared towards cross-channel […]