September 2016 - ICE Blog


How to Integrate Quality Assurance and Coaching for Success

by Kaylene Eckels | published on 09-23-2016

We all know the importance of offering exceptional customer service and the countless benefits that result from doing that. Quality assurance is at the core of ensuring that your customers receive quality services. In order to fully equip customer-facing employees, coaching programs must be comprehensive. How you train your staff determines the effectiveness of the […]

5 Effective Ways to Measure the Quality of Your Customer Service

by Jim Iyoob | published on 09-15-2016

As every modern business knows, there is a strong correlation between success and customer service quality. If you fail to make an authentic connection with your customers, they will simply take their business elsewhere. There are numerous, simple ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service approach. If you are a business owner who […]

4 Easy Steps to Check Your Call Center QA System Reliability

by Jim Iyoob | published on 09-08-2016

There’s a huge difference between having a quality assurance system and getting the most out of it. For Call center quality assurance to be effective, it has to be reliable, and center managers need to know how to check their quality processes to ensure that reliability is ongoing. Luckily, there are a few easy and […]