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3 Tips to Maximize First Contact Resolution on Live Chat

by Jim Iyoob | published on 05-12-2017

As a business owner, you want to do everything possible to take proper care of your customers and resolve any issues they might have. One of the best ways to do this is through first contact resolution. This is essentially a concept in which problems are taken care of the first time a customer reaches […]

Is Live Chat Really Valuable? 10 Reasons to Make You Realize Its Worth

by Jim Iyoob | published on 12-21-2016

In an age where it’s easier than ever for customers to find the information they need without interacting with another human being. FAQs, automated messages, phone calls and emails are all great ways to connect with customers, but they aren’t without their pitfalls. No matter your business, industry, product or service, you and your customers […]

Tips on Maxing Out Your Chat Services

by Jim Iyoob | published on 08-24-2016

Companies today are constantly trying to improve their websites to make it stand out and have that “wow” factor amongst its users. Whether it is the amount of information on the site, or how many tabs a company can squeeze onto one page, these features all fall short to the ever important Customer Service. Users […]