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3 Reasons to Add Live Chat for Improved Customer Experience

by Jim Iyoob | published on 05-05-2017

According to a Moxie Software study reported by eMarketer, 62% of respondents expect live chat customer service to be accessible on their mobile devices. Among these respondents, 82% would use it when it’s available. This is just one indicator of the shifting communication preference among customers. People don’t want to wait in a queue for […]

How to Improve Customer Experience Through Effective Quality Monitoring

by Jim Iyoob | published on 02-17-2017

Companies are always looking for effective and cost-efficient ways to improve their bottom line, and one of the best ways to do that is by improving the customer experience. After all, it does not make much sense to offer the best products or services in your industry if your customers are not happy. Focusing more […]

The Secrets of Using Quality Monitoring Actionable Insights

by Jim Iyoob | published on 01-11-2017

As technology advances and consumers rely more and more on the Internet to provide services and products, valuable data becomes more available to companies. It’s easier than ever to know what your customers are looking for and HOW they are looking for it. Data analytics can tell you when viewers come to your site and […]