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Providing the BEST Customer Satisfaction through Chat Services

by admin | published on 08-16-2013

Live chat makes interacting with existing and potential customers much more efficient.  Studies have found when companies implement live chat services, it significantly improves customer satisfaction because of the ability to assist customers as soon as an issue arises.  In today’s world we want our issues handled swiftly, accurately, and conveniently, and chat offers this. […]

Who Should Really Be Listening and Evaluating Your Calls?

by Patrick Reynolds | published on 03-07-2012

A well-established Quality Assurance program ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction due to improved customer service, which can lead to greater profitability for a business. Companies have the option of employing front line supervisors, establishing a dedicated internal Quality Assessment team, or hiring an independent third party QA service provider to implement the QA […]